About Us

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Our Goal.

whattodiet.com gets on a goal to provide food  ages above 55 to make informed Cooking and Fitness choices.

Our Worths.

We are assisted by our worths:


Relied on Partners: We enlighten and involve peoples by giving them scientifically-reviewed, evidence-based info that enables them to make informed Cooking choices to live well and also age well.

Independent Voice: Our reputational worth to our stakeholders is in serving as the leading resource of peoples health and wellness info, which we implement with transparency in all connections and collaborations.

Digital Excellence: Daily, we work to serve peoples by supplying access to prompt, inspiring and also enduring online material.

Thought Management: Our capability to grow, innovate and also form the future of peoples Cooking and Fitness is to set the agenda and to share our knowledge with stakeholders.

Our Work.

We achieve our objective of informing peoples to make educated Health, Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise, Yoga selections by getting in touch with people via fact-based, expert-sourced content, and also innovative evidence-based shows. We keep people’s Health part of the nationwide discussion by elevating understanding to choice manufacturers about the effect wellness plans carry on peoples and families. And we function collaboratively with partner organizations as well as partnerships.

Some of our job is developed with assistance by the generous assistance of our funders. We apply Health, Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise, Yoga and project efforts on certain subjects important to peoples and their health. The support allows us to produce Health, Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise,and Yoga.


Our whattodiet.com consists of a network of Health professionals and Cooking, Fitness, Lifestyle, Supplements, Exercise, Yoga that focus on a variety of Lifestyle and Supplements problems significant to the people we serve. This team of professionals as well as Cooking provide their know-how to provide food, as well as medically assess our sources for accuracy. Meet our what-to-diet.com members.