Cat Wheel – “Cat Exercise Wheel DIY” from Scratch

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By BarneyBaker

A cat exercise wheel diy is a great addition to your cat’s life. Even an old cat could benefit from one. Many people turn to cat exercise wheels DIY because they can be expensive.

What is a Cat Exercise Wheel DIY?
Cat wheels, also known as cat exercise wheels, work in the same way as hamster wheels. The wheel can be attached to a wall or has its very own roller system that allows your cat to run or walk inside.

The wheel can be used by cats in the same way as a treadmill to exercise, walk, or reduce stress.

What you will need
To build your own wheel, you will need the following basic materials. These are the materials that you will need for your cat exercise wheel diy.

First, let me tell you that there are many options red cedar message board when it comes to the type of wheel movement you want. You can either use simple wheel spinners like roller blade wheels, or mount a pole to the wall and use a fixed bearing setup.

Wall mounts are the most difficult, but it is up to you. Here’s a guide to what you need.

Use Alimunium or Plywood, and make sure you pick up a little more than is necessary. For the backboard, I recommend strong plywood and thinner, more flexible plywood for interior.

Wood stain is recommended if you intend to stain afterward. ( Some people use yoga mats )

For most of the work, a good quality JigSaw is required. The TACKLIFE Advanced, 6.7 Amp 3000SPM Jigsaw with Laser and LED is my recommendation.

Step 1: Making the Backboard
Measure the backboard with a piece of cardboard. I recommend a diameter of 4 feet or 48 inches. This was my ideal diameter. It all depends on how big the wheel is and what space you have.

To draw the perfect circle, mark the exact center point on the backboard using a ruler and a pin. This will serve as your guideline when cutting.

Step 2: DIY Building the Cat Exercise Wheel Diy
Next, you’ll need to create support strips for your wheel. To give your cat enough space to run or walk on, I recommend a length of 13 inches.

You will need to attach the strips to the board using a strong wood glue and clamps. Allow everything to dry and set for between 24 and 48 hours.