Cooking hot pocket time in AirFryer

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By BarneyBaker


Frozen Hot Pockets constantly had that feeling of … well iced up. You recognized they weren’t fresh and while it featured a pizza crisper, it didn’t cover the entire thing, and.frankly, really did not do much to the rest of it.

I remember the very first time I attempted a Hot Pocket in the air fryer. It appeared crunchy like I simply toasted some fresh bread. I will certainly never ever return to the microwave.

It does not hurt that warming them airborne fryers is remarkably simple. Just comply with these Hot Pocket air fryer directions as well as you get on your way to changing exactly how you eat Hot Pockets forever.

I have actually also consisted of a second means to heat them a little faster if you’re rushed in a timely manner.


Preheat your air fryer to 400 levels. Preheating is necessary for food to cook evenly, specifically frozen foods.

Carefully position the Hot Pocket sandwiches airborne fryer without the crisper on. Trust me, you will not require it.

I advise keeping the crisper sleeves handy to hold the pizzas as soon as prepared.

Air fry the pizza pockets for 11-13 minutes. There is no demand to turn them over halfway through.

Eliminate them from the air fryer and let them cool down for at the very least 5 mins. They will be very hot on the inside, similar to when preparing them in the microwave.

Put them inside the crisper sleeves and also delight in!


These air fryer instructions help every taste, also the pretzel crust varieties.

This includes five cheese pizza, pepperoni as well as sausage, bacon cheddar cheese, pork and cheese, and also a lot more.