What is a “French Press Exercise”?


What is the Best Way to get Started?

French press is an isolation exercise that stimulates your triceps. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, perform the French press exercise. Grab an angled EZ-curl bar and hold it in your hand. Your palms should be facing away from you. Straighten the EZ bar above your head. Bend your elbows,Citrucel caplets then lower the bar to your side. You can continue this motion for as many repetitions as you like.

  • There are many benefits to incorporating into your weight training program.
  • French Press Exercises can help build stronger triceps muscles. Targets muscles in the back of your arms, specifically the long head of your triceps.
  • French Press Exercise can improve stabilization. Can increase stability. It activates all muscles in your upper and lower bodies as stabilizers. This includes your glutes and core muscles.

Start with a weight you can control for at least 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. You should choose a weight that will allow you to maintain good technique through all repetitions and sets.

  • Grab an EZ Curl Bar and stand with your feet together.
  • To engage your lats, push the EZ curl bar up high and rotate your shoulders inward. Throughout the set, your upper back must remain straight and stable. You should maintain a neutral wrist position. Your elbows should be pointed forward. Your shoulders should be higher than your hips.
  • Keep your head and neck neutral. Your chin should be tucked as though you were holding an egg underneath your chin. To create stability, evenly distribute your weight and grasp the floor with both your feet.

French Press Workout for Triceps

It is a very common exercise that you will find many people doing in the gym. However, it is also one that many people do with poor form. This means that they run the risk of getting hurt.

Muscles at Work French Press Exercise

The French Press Exercise targets the triceps and the longer head of the triceps. This is a great exercise to do if your triceps have been a bit underdeveloped or if you have worked your biceps more.

Never use a Weight that french press exercise is too Heavy

You can do serious damage to your arms and neck if you try to lift too much weight. You should always start light and move up regardless of whether you’re using an EZ bar, dumbbell or barbell for this French press exercise.

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