Gather some information about fish market downtown la

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By BarneyBaker

When you are living in Los Angeles, you may want to try the place where you can find the best seafood. Well, there are certain fish market downtown la that attract your attention. Take a look at the following list of markets

  1. Sea Fresh Trading

This place was opened in 2006. This place is always available for the public as it offers different products of seafood which includes tuna, lobster, shrimps, King salmen, mussels and much more. All the products are available at an affordable price with no compromise in the quality. The staff in the market is extremely helpful and always ready to clear your queries regarding your confusion in the selection of products. This market started as a small importing place in Los Angeles but now it has gained the level of a processor and a distributor. It has been offering high quality products to its customers since 2010. This market has an experience of 13 years in the seafood industry. It is completely responsible in the business matters and tries its best to meet the requirements of the buyers.

  1. Tangora fish market

Tangora fish market was created in 2015 opened by Mark and Susie White. Tangora is related to the people living in New Zealand which is sort of an old cultural tradition followed by the country where Mark lived therefore, in the Mauri culture, Tangora is a symbol of a “Sea God” since the owner spent most of his life in the aqua areas of New Zealand. He is much interested in its food as well. He strives to provide the customers with luscious and amazing food that they have never tasted before. The fish of this person is well known in the whole market. It is because the person himself is familiar with the taste and needs of people due to the fact that he himself spent most part of his life around water.

  1. Yomamato fish market

A small family market is the most recognizable one. The dealers have a high sense of knowledge and friendliness who know very well about the handling of fish and their work. If you want fresh seafood with indescribable taste yomamato fish market is where you need to be.

There may be many other fish markets but these ones top the list and you may want to get a personal peek into the place.