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Nata Lee was born on 17 February 1999. She is now 21 years old. She was raised in Moscow, Russia by a well-established family. After her primary schooling, she attended a Moscow High School and then graduated from a private college.

She has always had a passion for modeling since childhood. Her bold, beautiful photos in Bikini were uploaded to her Instagram account. She gained a large fan following.

  • Nata Lee Familie, Boyfriend & Relationships
  • Russian family. She is a Russian citizen and is of caucasian ethnicity.

Her father is Mr. Lee, a well-known Russian businessman. Her mother Mrs. Lee is also a model in this industry.

Marvin Maalouf, a photographer by trade and owner of Marvin Studios as well as Marvin Models, is her partner. Marvin Maalouf, the behind beautiful photos, is openly discussing their relationship.

Physical Nata Lee Appearance

Russian model is bold and sexy. Her Instagram account Fray Fitness is well-known for her bold, sexy photos. Her stunning figure is impressive and her slim, curved body is a highlight.

She loves to exercise regularly and go to the gym. She stands 5′ 7″ tall and weighs in at 59Kg. Her eyes are beautiful and her hair is beautiful. A beautiful tattoo was also inked on her thigh.

Career Nata Lee

Began her career as an Instagram model. Her bold, beautiful photos were quickly viewed by thousands of people on Instagram.

She began working as a freelance model after that. Fashion Nova is her top-selling clothing brand. On her social media platforms, she endorses many fashion and clothing brands.

Information and facts

Nata Lee enjoys a large fan base on her various social media accounts. Her Instagram account has more than 5.6 million followers and her Twitter account has 72K followers.

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