Find out more about All-On-4 Tooth Implants


Discover more about All-On-4 Tooth Implants

All-On-4 is a revolutionary Tooth Implants placement technique developed by Dr. Paulo Malo in collaboration with Nobel Biocare, designed to restore both upper and lower arch of teeth simultaneously. Through biomechanics, computer simulation and clinical research, this fast, no-bone grafting procedure was found to be the most successful way to replace missing teeth without using bone grafts.

What’s Involved?

Your dentist will perform an extensive examination to determine if a patient is suitable for All-On-4 Tooth Implants. This could involve taking impressions, testing bone density and using x-rays. Four implants are necessary in total; those at the rear of your mouth tend to maximize bone density in specific regions. All-On-4 implants were specifically designed for speedy installation and care of dental implants so patients who meet all criteria can have their implants fitted and the full set installed within one appointment.

What Should I Be Searching For?

Implants are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth for those with dentures or who require full upper and/or lower restorations. The entire procedure, including Tooth Implant placement and immediate dental restoration fitting, can be completed in just one visit – perfect for those who don’t want to wait months for their brand new teeth. Furthermore, those without enough bone mass to support Tooth Implants won’t need a painful bone transplant either; making this method ideal for everyone!

What are the Advantages of Laser Surgery?

Patients can get their replacement teeth fitted in just one visit, which is a vast improvement over traditional Implants that may take a lot of time. Plus, the procedure is less painful than traditional tooth implants even when there are bone issues. You can have your Tooth Implants installed quickly and receive your new teeth within minutes; no waiting periods between each step!

What Are the Alternatives?

  • Bone Grafts – This procedure helps increase bone volume in the jaw region, enabling placement of dental implants.
  • Traditional Tooth Implants – Tooth implants can be used to reconstruct an entire arch. For best results, bone grafts may be necessary in order to increase bone density and support the implant. Once healed, restorations can be placed after several months for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Dentures – Dentures are an effective solution for replacing damaged or missing teeth without the need for Dental Implants.

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