Tooth Implant Regeneration and Treatment

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Regeneration and Treatment for Teeth Implants

Many patients with dental issues worry about hearing the tooth Implants sound. But this should never be a source of worry; prosthodontists use them to maintain good dental health and give patients the capacity to speak, chew and take pleasure in other aspects of life.

What are tooth implants?

Dental implants have been around for millennia. The Mayans and ancient Egyptians used bone and wood to fashion false teeth, while even George Washington himself had wooden dentures!

Scientific advances have allowed us to dispense with the need for traditional Tooth Implants, now mostly made out of titanium. Implants are surgically placed into the jaw in order to replace missing teeth and roots; they serve as more than just substitute dental structures; they actually strengthen nearby teeth by supporting various prosthetics like crowns, bridges, dentures or crowns.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Patients facing dental issues must be aware of the numerous preparations needed before their procedure. A dentist must accurately locate, shape and size your mouth and jaw; additionally, your oral surgeon might need to locate both the position of the implant as well as where the inferior alveolar nerve lies within your jawbone. In addition to standard CT scans and X-rays, additional CT scans could also be necessary. In order to prevent complications and guarantee an ideal fit with implants, make sure all measurements of both jaw bone and implant are known beforehand.

Once the plan is in place, then the oral surgeon can begin the actual procedure. Implants must then be placed beneath the gums.

Permanent ornaments must be removed and the tooth Implants inserted without additional teeth. A prosthodontist then places prostheses over the implant, such as crowns.

Tooth Implant Recovery

There is some controversy regarding how long it will take for an implant to heal before placing a prosthesis on it. Generally, experts advise waiting between 2 and 4 months before applying pressure, or four to six months if bone grafting has been performed.

In certain rare circumstances, temporary prostheses can be implanted during the same day as implant placement if certain clinical criteria are fulfilled.

Implants generally have a high success rate. However, the type of procedure and expertise of the surgeon performing it are important factors. Therefore, selecting an experienced dentist to carry out this procedure is key for optimal success.

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