Corktown Health Center: The Merging of Two

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By BarneyBaker

Corktown Health Center: The Merging of Two LGBTQ-Inclusive Health Orgs

Health Emergency Lifeline Programs and Corktown Health Center announced Wednesday they were merging for market purposes. They will now be known as Corktown Health. HELP was established 35 years ago to provide a unique AIDS service that meets the financial and end-of life needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. HELP opened the in 2017, a unique health clinic that provides services for the HIV/AIDS community and LGBTQ+.

Anthony Williams, Corktown Health CEO and President, stated that “rebranding our organization as Corktown Health brings together all of our services under one umbrella which encompasses what we do now and what we will continue to do for our patients and the community.” It’s an exciting time in our organization as Corktown Health reflects its ongoing growth and evolution.

New services, including a dental clinic

Williams stated, “That’s an entirely different service that we will offer to HIV-positive people and their allies.” The dental clinic will incorporate all of the values of HELP, Corktown Health Center and other organizations. It provides care for HIV-positive people and we can leverage all our knowledge and relationships with patients to meet their needs.

Williams said, “We’ll also be able to support the LGBTQ community.” Williams said, “And allies will be able to benefit from the affirming environment and supportive environment that is part the DNA of HELP/Corktown Health Center which is now Corktown Health.”

Teresa Roscoe, Corktown Health Chief Operating Office, Skyrim floating health bars stated that the opening of Corktown Health Center 2017 was just one step in a larger mission for the organization. “As our focus shifted to health care delivery we also recognized the need to help train and educate the future healthcare workforce. We have a partnership with Wayne State University School of Medicine. This site serves as a community rotation location for medical students and residents. This partnership and other training partnerships allow us to help prepare future generations of healthcare professionals to offer compassionate care to LGBTQ patients.