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By BarneyBaker

Kaden Health today announced that Magellan Health, Inc. (NASDAQ : MGLN), has made a strategic minority equity purchase in the New York-based digital behavioral healthcare company. Magellan will have access to Kaden’s behavioral telehealth platform and program through the collaboration.

Magellan’s advanced technologies make the company a major enabler in providing virtual and scaled behavioral health services. This is a critical consideration considering the COVID-19 crisis, which has only increased the need for more effective and evidence-based mental healthcare services. Kaden’s platform, originally developed for opioid abuse disorder treatment and available in New Jersey and New York, is now available to Magellan. It will allow Magellan to enhance the interactions with members and provide collaborative care.

Dave Henderson, cofounder and CEO of kaden health said that he was happy to work with Magellan. “Kaden continues to develop and execute advanced technologies and clinical programs supporting individuals in need of treatment for substance abuse disorders and behavioral health support.” The investment and business relationship increase our ability to make treatment accessible wherever people are. We also help providers to improve their practice with our behavioral telehealth platform.

Aran Ron M.D., co-founder and Head, nata lee Clinical Innovation at Kaden, stated that Magellan’s investment “supports and affirms our goal of providing unfettered access for populations in need of treatment.” This collaboration will further our vision of fundamentally changing how effective behavioral health treatment are delivered by kaden health real-time reporting, emotional analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Kaden Technology Platform is the center of the Kaden Health coordinated approach for vMAT. This platform guides you from your first appointment with a doctor to all subsequent virtual visits and therapy. This intuitive interface, which is at the forefront of technology, allows patient, advocate, medical prescriber and advocate to all communicate and collaborate in ways that help the patient regain a productive, healthy lifestyle.

A patient can attend any subsequent medical or therapy appointment from any smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection after the first visit with a prescriber.

Kaden was assisted by Match Point Partners LLC, headed by Brad Burkett, the Managing Partner.

Kaden Health, a portfolio company of Leverage Health Solutions has been involved since 2018.

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Kaden, a New York City-based digital behavioral health service company, is data-driven and focused on solving strategic market issues. It focuses on innovative service offerings and products as well as cutting costs and improving quality. Kaden’s initial product addresses the opioid addiction crisis by positively changing human behavior and making proven treatments and advanced technologies available to everyone.