Waiola Shave Ice: on O’ahu: How to Order

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By BarneyBaker

There is nothing more famous in Hawaii that shave ice.

Waiola Shave Ice This affordable treat that everyone loves was born on O’ahu from practical beginnings.

As a child growing up in Oahu, Harrison Ines’s mom used to give him crushed ice. He would sometimes get lucky and his mom would take him to Waiola Street, where he could find a small blue building that served up even more delicious food.

Ines stated that it’s not about what you eat hot. “When you don’t want something as fattening as ice cream, it’s like if your goal ice skaters exercise is to have a cold beverage in the most pleasant and textural way possible.”

Arnold Hiura’s book Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture on the Hawaiian Islands explains that shave ice was first introduced to Hawaii in 1898, when residents were able to get ice delivered to their houses.

Hiura wrote that the iceman cut blocks of ice out of his cart and delivered iceboxes to customers. The kids were then allowed to enjoy the ice shavings.

Hiura explained further that Kaichi Kaya, a Japanese businessman, was the first person to offer shave ice and homemade syrup from a pushcart at Honolulu Harbor in the early 1900s.

Waiola Shave Ice is a local institution that has existed for many decades. Their secret to success? According to Ines it all comes down to how well they slice the ice.

Ines stated that Waiola’s was the most fluffiest. Their syrups will take the longest to drop to the bottom if they are the fluffiest. Your chocolate dairy free icecream mouth will have the most tender texture. It felt like I was eating a cloud the first time I tried it.

This light, flaky texture keeps the syrups from sinking to the bottom of the cup, unlike other shaved ice.

It is actually so smooth that your spoon doesn’t even make a sound when you dip it into the shaving ice.

Before you jump, there are some things that you should know

If you don’t want to be a nuisance or give the uncle or aunty a blank stare, do not go to the counter without a plan.

You need to know how to properly order your shaving ice.

It is not “shaved Ice.” The “d”, however, does not exist. It is not “shaved ice.” You would never stop between “shave” or “ice.”

How to place an order?

Take a seat, look at the menu and prepare to order. After you’ve decided on your size, flavor and toppings, you can start to line up. This is how you get to the order window.

1.Indicate the number and size of each person in your party’s order.

*Pro tip: Order a small size for only $3.00 You will be satisfied, but not too full. It is also small enough that you can finish it before it melts. You can always buy another one if you’re in the mood. The line moves quickly.

2. When asked, indicate what you would like at the bottom.

Ice cream? Mochi? Coffee jelly? Adzuki beans? Once they hear you, they will begin to prepare your order and return to you when they’re ready.

3. Next, choose your toppings and flavors.

*Pro tip: Ines laughed and said, “If you go on days when there are younger people, such as the nephew or the niece, you’re likely to get a better shave-ice.”

4. Pay and go

After your order has been placed, be sure to have your cash ready and be ready to pay. Grab your order, and then move on to the next person.

Your order might sound like this: Mochi on top. Haupia, lilikoi and condensed milk are on the top.

There are many ways to make your frosty treat. Have fun and be creative.

Ines has been to Waiola Shave Ice more than 100 times, but still doesn’t have a favorite flavor. He concocts new flavors every time he visits Waiola Shave Ice. Waiola Shave Ice claims that there are more than 1000 flavor combinations.

How to Eat?

Once you have completed your transaction, take quick food photos and selfies. You don’t have much time. Enjoy your freshly shaved ice before it melts in the Hawaii sunshine.

You should start from the top and not go in from the sides unless you don’t want your tower of shaving ice to fall over. Do not worry about what’s at the bottom. Enjoy the delicious, sweet snowflakes on top. After you’ve had four to five bites, half of the snowflakes will have fallen to the ground.

After the top half has been removed, you can begin stirring the treasure pieces that are still in the cup. When the ice begins to melt, it becomes one with the syrups. Your shaved ice transforms almost like a new dessert.

Ines goes to Waiola Shave ice about once per month as an adult. When he sees the over 50 flavors on the menu, his eyes light up and the stories from his childhood pour out faster than melona sugar.

Waiola Shave Ice is available in two locations: one near Diamond Head, and the other on Waiola Street Moiliili. The original is the best. The sweet little shop selling blue sundries with rainbows and palm trees painted on the sides. There is also a walk-up order window. It’s the epitome of Hawaii.