Ways to avoid the mid-afternoon slump

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By BarneyBaker

Mid-afternoon slumps can happen to everyone from time to time, taking us by surprise when our energy wanes midday and we become preoccupied with taking an afternoon nap. A slow start could set in motion events like meetings, email correspondence and important decisions which leave our brains exhausted – this can be particularly disheartening when there is still much work ahead.

However, there’s an effective solution to end your afternoon slump permanently: making lifestyle adjustments and employing quick-term strategies in your daily life to end it completely.

Long-Term Solutions


It is well known that physical exercise has tremendous mental health benefits. But did you know it can also reduce fatigue? While this may sound counter-productive, new research shows that people who become inactive but start exercising dramatically reduce their fatigue levels – Richard Branson and Barack Obama count it among their success factors! If you find yourself exhausted often without getting any physical activity at all, now could be the time to start!

Stay hydrated

Drink Plenty of Water Studies show that even a 3% decrease in weight of water can result in a 10% boost to performance. Your brain requires water in order to function at its highest potential; thirstiness indicates dehydration; therefore drinking 2-3 Liters daily will give your body energy it needs for physical as well as mental performance.

Eat healthily

Though fast meals or high-fat comfort foods might tempt you when trying hard, they will not help keep you focused throughout the afternoon. Sugary items will provide short-term energy boosts before leaving you feeling full and hungry by mid afternoon. Instead, consider natural sugar sources like fruit. With its abundant minerals and vitamins as well as its energy-boosting carb content, fruit may provide even greater energy than coffee can.

Quick Fixes Go for a walk

Walking can help elevate your mood, increase creativity and promote overall health and well-being. So when given an opportunity to get off of your workstation and go for a stroll it can only benefit. If it is impossible for you to take an afternoon break then why not incorporate regular physical exercise during lunch time instead? Stepping outside for just half an hour could refresh and reinvigorate you before beginning a fresh new day at your desk!

Take an ‘inspiration’ break

While it might not be feasible to completely get away from your desk and out of the office, you can still take time for yourself. By switching off email and restarting your browser, you can create an engaging online adventure! Explore your favourite entrepreneurs or search YouTube for inspirational speeches or read blogs by fellow business professionals; just a few minutes can make a big difference in productivity levels and focus.

Have a 5 minute clear out

There’s a reason behind the expression ‘a clean house and mind.’ While your drawers might need cleaning out and your desk might require some TLC, your inbox could also use some help clearing out emails while folders and trash cans could use some organization. Just 5 minutes of giving yourself a brief clean-up session could significantly decrease clutter in your head and boost productivity significantly – with its non-thought requiring nature, yet productive nature, it will leave your mind stimulated throughout the rest of the day!