What are tooth implants?

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By BarneyBaker

Q: What is a tooth Implant?

A: The Tooth Implant is a metal root that replaces your tooth. Your dentist places it within your jawbone, allowing the bone to heal for some time before the implant-bone bond can provide enough support for prosthetic teeth. Implants made of titanium are well tolerated by most bodies.

Q: Can it be used to replace missing teeth?

A: Before using an Tooth Implant to replace missing teeth, your dentist must first assess if there is enough bone support for the implant. In order to guarantee that your body won’t reject the implant, they insert it into bone with a precise surgical procedure that involves taking out gum tissue and stitching around or on top of it. Once placed in the bone, this period must heal for several months before supporting a prosthetic tooth can be attached.

Q: Which dentist should I visit?

A: Teeth Implants can be placed or repaired by any dentist. General Practitioners and Periodontists commonly place implants for teeth, while prosthodontists or general practitioners typically “restore the teeth”. Speak with your general practitioner or prosthodontist about whether they have experience with Tooth Implantology so you know who to turn to when selecting someone to place your implant. Ultimately, you and the expert who places the implant will collaborate and provide their expert opinion regarding who should place it.

Q What is the cost of implants?

A: Most dental procedures range in cost from $1500 to $2,000. Consult your dentist for exact pricing.

Q What is the most effective way to treat tooth loss? Could dental implants be used as an ongoing solution in treating this condition?

A: Dental Implants can last a lifetime. However, there may be certain exceptions; sometimes the implant may not fully integrate and then dissapear; alternative options exist such as placing an alternative implant that will remain fixed and permanent. While maintenance for most restorations will be necessary over time, this should not pose an issue for you.

Q: Are There Tooth Implants Available for People Who Cannot Afford Them?

A: Most people can get Tooth Implants placed, but there are exceptions and warnings… Tooth Implants are not recommended for individuals suffering from severe mental disorders or uncontrolled diabetes; those individuals should not proceed with surgery. Generally, however, Tooth Implant procedures can usually be completed under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia and tend to be safer than general anesthesia-related operations.

Patients with significant bone loss are not ideal candidates for Tooth Implants. However, there is a possibility to rebuild bone and allow patients to receive these restorations. Discuss this option carefully with your dentist and decide if you qualify; learn what makes you more qualified and then decide whether the procedure should take place.

For major bone grafts to place dental implants, an experienced oral surgeon is recommended. Any dentist with expertise can perform numerous small bone grafts necessary for successful implant placement.

Tips to Prevent Tooth Implant Issues

#1. Ask family and friends who have implants if they can provide any information on the surgeon who performed them.

#2. This field requires specialized education.

#3. Make sure you have a written, comprehensive treatment plan that clearly outlines all costs involved. Make certain there aren’t any unexpected charges included in the quote.

#4. To assist you in assessing the second option, schedule another consult.

#5. Reach out to the dentist to discover more about his or her practice.

#6. Assess the dedication of a dentist to Tooth Implantology and dentistry as a whole. Are they an educator? Have they published in scientific literature regarding Tooth Implants treatments? Is their expertise recognized within this area of dentistry?

#7. Discuss potential failures with your dentist. What steps should you take if the implant doesn’t work? Are there other treatment plans available in case this treatment plan doesn’t work out as expected?